About Us

Rare Coins of Raleigh will appraise your collections for insurance purposes, estate probate or a determination of assets.

We offer a full range of appraisal services for individuals, attorneys, banks, estate executors, institutions, government agencies, and businesses. We have been in business for 3+ years at this location. The business started off as a random whim between Doc and Richard. One day they asked each other if they wanted to open a coin shop. The next day, they put a lease on our original location. 13 years later and here we are! The biggest coin shop in North Carolina! Doing at least one show almost every weekend. We travel up and down the east coast for big coin club shows, as well as some of our own too.

Our Team:

John “Doc” Yancho

Largest HOBO nickel dealer and Standing Liberty Quarter collector. Knowledgeable in varieties and many other areas. Collected and dealt with coins since the 1950’s.

Brian DeBartolo

Partner, IT Administrator, and Numismatist. Specializes in early U.S. varieties and U.S. paper money.

Shanna Millis

Office Manager. She can help you with our shows, services, and other needs.

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